Most popular majors in the United States

In 1970 a total of 839,730 people enrolled in a bachelors degree program. Throughout the past 44 years college enrollment rates have greatly increased in the United States. As of 2014 (the most recent data) 1,840,381 people enrolled in a bachelors degree program. The most enrolled major is business, while the least enrolled is  Precision Production with a total of 37 people.

Field Of Study Enrollment
Business 358,079
Health professions and related programs 198,770
Social sciences and history 173,096
Psychology 117,298
Biological and biomedical sciences 104,633
Education 98,854
Visual and performing arts 97,246
Engineering 92,162
Communication, journalism, and related programs 87,604
Homeland security, law enforcement, and
Computer and information sciences 55,367
English language and literature/letters 50,404
Multi/interdisciplinary studies 48,348
Parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies 46,042
Liberal arts and sciences, general studies,
and humanities
Agriculture and natural resources 35,116
Public administration and social services 33,483
Physical sciences and science technologies 29,304
Family and consumer sciences/human sciences 24,722
Mathematics and statistics 20,980
Foreign languages, literatures, and linguistics 20,335
Engineering technologies 16,807
Philosophy and religious studies 11,997
Theology and religious vocations 9,642
Architecture and related services 9,144
Area, ethnic, cultural, gender, and group studies 8,275
Communications technologies 4,987
Transportation and materials moving 4,588
Legal professions and studies 4,513
Military technologies and applied sciences 185
Library science 127
Precision production 37

The above chart is in order from the largest to smallest amount of enrollment in a major.


The above line chart compares the enrollment of each college major in 2014.


The above chart shows the trend of business enrollment over the past 44 years. Business enrollment hit a peak during the early 1990s, and again in the early 2000’s.

Business was not always the most popular major, in 1970 it ranked third place with education in first and social sciences second. Since 1970 Business enrollment has increased by 322% making it the most popular major in America during 2014.

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